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I feel extremely privileged to have worked with some amazing musicians over the years, and made some lovely music (click on the links below for some examples). Collaboration and creativity has been unlocked via the web, never more so than in the creation and distribution of music. I offer a range of possibilities and links to amazing people. We all passionately believe that knowledge and experience should be shared. We offer services to you at the lowest costs possible… because we know what it’s like for 99% of creative talents out there! Oh, by the way, if you are one of the 1% with record deals and big company backing, it’s £500 a day minimum (-:


Marius and his partner Cindy have a long history of running choirs, and choral days.

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Dharma Sound Labs

Check out “What’s New” for information about Dharma Sound Labs!

TOBES MUSICclick on image to see Marius doing session work for the amazing Josie Charlwood


Are you struggling with a bass, keyboard or guitar part in your latest musical creation? No problem! Just send an mp3 of your track minus the part you want, and you will be sent the part you require.

CIndy Stratton

Cindy Stratton has an immense range of vocal styles and harmonies at her disposal.

If you follow the link to the right, you can get a feel for the range of styles that can be supported.

These tracks were recorded in our home studio.


If you are stuck with chord voicings, instrumental arrangements (such as string parts, synth patches) or even don’t know where to go with a middle 8, just get in touch!

Again, costs can be kept to a minimum through web collaboration and support.

I arrange for choirs too (I run a Bath-based community choir called Sassparella with Cindy), so if you want something special, let me know.


Marc Frank

There is so much that can now be done over the web.

Introducing Marc Fernandes… my brother! He has engineered and produced for an amazing array of artists over the years, from David Bowie to Peter Andre! He has the ability to turn your final mix into a radio-ready sonic masterpiece!

Again, much of this work can be accomplished through file exchange.



Bob Marley I Know A Place Best Of Album
E17 Each TimeBetcha Can’t Wait UK Top TenUK Top Ten
All Saints Bootie Call Saints and Sinners UK No 1 singleAlbum Various
Pras/Fugees Blue Angels Single Remix
Babyface Ft LL Cool J, Jodie Watley& Howard Hewitt This Is For The Lover In You UK Remix
The Pat Metheny Group The Falcon & The Snowman Album
Incognito Jazz Funk Album
Byron Wallen Sound AdviceEarth RootsMeeting Ground AlbumAlbumAlbum
Airto Moreira & Fourth World Last Journey Album
The Falcon & The Snowman(Sean Penn, Timothy Hutton) Dir:     John SchlesingerMus:  Pat Metheny Soundtrack
The Labyrinth(David Bowie, Jennifer Connolly) Dir:     Jim HensonMus:  Trevor Jones Soundtrack
Babyface Everytime I Close My Eyes UK mix


Sugababes Soul Sound UK Top Ten
Mary J Blige Everything UK Mix
Guy Tell Me What You Like Remix
Sergio Mendes & Black Eyed Peas Mash Que Na DaThat Heat UK Top TenUK Mix
Carlos SantanaFt Jos Stone & Sean Paul Cry Baby Cry UK Mix
Blackstreet Blackstreet Remix
Erykah Badu On And OnNext Lifetime UK mix
Hinda Hicks Still Doin My ThingHindaJourneys Album Various
Jesse J Stand Up Single
Rhianna Pon Da Replay UK Mix
Don E & Omar OD Album
T.I. Why You Wanna Do That? UK Mix
K Gee Big Booti Girls Album
Kwesi B Heavenly Father Album
Camelle Hinds Sausolito Calling Single
Jocelyn Brown Somebody Else’s Guy Remix
Stevie Wonder Tomorrow Robins Will Sing Dance Hall Mix
Mattafix Mattafix Album Various
Sinead O’Connor Theology Album
David Bowie This Is Not America UK Top Ten
Van Morrison Sense Of Wonder Demos
Dave Gilmour About Face Solo Album
The Shamen Ebenezer GoodBoss Drum UK No 1UK Top Ten
Rod Stewart Human Album
Christy Moore Ride On Album
Juanes Juanes Live Album
John Wilson Daddy Sang The Blues Album
Smokey Norful Anywhere Album
John Francis Live at the Fairfield Hall DVD
Mis-Teeq  Mis-TeeqThis Is How We Do It AlbumSoundtrack
Christina Aguilera UK Single Mix
Raghav Can’t Get Enough UK Top Ten
Jay Sean Eyes On You Single
Lighthouse Family Ocean Drive Lifted UK Remix linslee
Indigo Indigo Album
Naughty By Nature Feel Me Flow UK Remix
Roger Daltrey Can’t Wait to see The Movie Album Various
Lynden David Hall  Do I qualify  Single
Nittin Sawney  Rainfall  Single
E -17 Each TimeBetcha Can’t Wait UK Top Ten’s
Soul For Real Every Little Thing I Do UK Remix  Linslee
Damage Forever Album Various
Craig David Slicker Than Your Average Album Various
Gangstar You Know My Steez UK Single Remix
Drew Hill (SISCO) In My Bed Remix

Another hugely talented individual with a vast amount of experience of PC-based recording is my long-time friend and collaborator Toby Charlwood  of Tobes Music.

He is an acknowledged expert in professional digital recording using PCs rather than MACs, and did a great job with post-production mixing and mastering on Cindy’s latest album, Naked.

Go to his website for links to the work he has done with his richly talented daughter, Josie Charlwood, and for a short video presentation on how he collaborated with a San Fransisco-based musician… over the ‘net.


tobes music 3


It goes without saying, get in touch if you want to book Cindy and Marius, Cindy and her band, Z’Bella or Sassparella!

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