Associate: Nicholas Garrick

Founder Lighting up Learning


Nicholas is Founder and Director of Lighting up Learning, an education and change consultancy, as well as part-time Assistant Principal in a Bristol primary academy. He coaches and consults locally and nationally and works internationally consulting to Education Ministries and Advisors on curriculum, predominantly in South East Asia. His team lead several curriculum enhancing projects for the South West such as ‘THIS is a classroom’, Wild Time for Schools and Heritage Schools Support.


  • Curriculum Re-design and Innovation
  • Developing Coaching Cultures (whole school & leadership teams)
  • The Coaching Programme (from Coaching Mentor to Leadership Coach)
  • Engaging and enriching teaching and learning
  • Creativity throughout a curriculum
  • Leadership: establishing, developing, enhancing 


“[Nicholas is] …engaging, energetic, passionate, frank…in a really good way, honest and funny. Maybe I aspire to be a leader like you!”

Developing Leadership Participant, Taunton Learning Partnership

“Coaching with Lighting up Learning enabled me to work through leadership dilemmas and situations of complexity explored how I could shift resistors to accept positive change.”

Gemma Jackson, Principal

‘Hurray for Lighting up Learning! What you get is…….Inspired learning outside of the box and outside the classroom. Teachers are released from conventional planning whilst ensuring the needs of all styles of learners are met. There are excellent progression opportunities.”

Susie Weaver, Principal

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