New Year – New opportunities

It has been quite a year!

Covid-19 hit me in unexpected and unanticipated ways: the health of family and loved-ons unaffected, but the huge delays to international projects, the unbelievable pressures placed on school leaders to manage impossible conflicting demands and the lack of capacity to do much else led to an inevitability… Achievement for All, primarily funded through training and coaching education settings, ran out of cash and fell into administration (see

I pivoted quickly back to self-employed status, updating my SCiP5 website (hope you like it), exploring new opportunities with old trusted partners like ICAM, AYM, Teaching Times, Emotion Coaching UK, and planning a pathway into 2022 as a hired gun.

Well, even this hasn’t gone to plan!

Absolutely delighted to announce that I am starting a new career pathway as Head of Education for Microlink with Nasser Siabi OBE I hope to contribute to their worldwide ambition to remove barriers to living working and learning whatever the cause, be it disabled by condition or disabled by circumstance. I cannot think of a better place to be.

And I can still plan to:

Complete the international projects begun with the ICAM (Including Children Affected by Migration) partnership

Explore and establish a new home for the Youth Justice SEND Quality Awards

Complete the Child First research and investigation work that was begun this year

Continue to develop my Emotion Coaching skills and training packages

Happy New Year everyone!

Author: mariusfrank

I am.... a 21c learning leader, trainer, partnership broker I have been... CEO of a leading educational charity, a Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Head of Music, Head of Science, Lecturer, one-time leading world authority on deaf mice... I still am... a jazz / folk / world / rock musician

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