Meadow Park Community Circle

Meadow Park CC

UPDATED Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello Meadow Parkers

Firstly, a sincere thank you to everyone who responded to the first 2 letters. Without doubt the next three to six months will put an immense strain on all of us, and it is so heartening to see so many people keen to look after each other!

Whatsapp group is up and running! Contact us if you would like to join the minute-by-minute local bulletin board!


Community Circle is now active- Participants have just one person’s contact details, to ring perhaps once every five days or so… stay in touch, see if they need anything, how they are feeling etc. You will also receive details of someone who will call you.

That way, we do not have long lists of phone numbers circulating (confidentiality and safeguarding), we each get to know two new people on our street… and if someone doesn’t phone you, you can phone them to see if everything is OK. It’s a very simple plan but builds a local connected community very quickly. We can then use the Whatsapp group if anyone needs specific help.

If you would like to join the Meadow Park Community Circle, either do it through the form below or, if you do not like computers, put a note through my letter box at Number 7. We are the last house on the right by the parking bay at the top of the hill.

NHS/Emergency/Shift Workers If you cannot get particular items from shops because they aren’t available when you are (!), someone can get it for you, for sure! Let us know guys, you are doing an amazing job!

Boredom Busters Judy is a keen jigsaw puzzle-ist and she has quite a few adult puzzles to give away… it will only be a few days before some of you will need this sort of thing!!! Contact through the website if you would like to be connected to Judy. I also have a couple of Airfix models going spare… one of them a challenging model of the Cutty Sark! That should keep someone very busy! Any other offers of stuff, let me know.

Two-metre Trekkers Sadly we cannot do this at the moment if we follow national guidance… but we will start this up as soon as possible.



I live at the top of Meadow Park and work from home. Please do not hesitate to use the form below to contact me, Marius, and I’ll see what I can do… shopping, running an errand… just a chat (from a safe distance… ha ha). It might be me or some other neighbourhood soul who will help.


Also fill in the form… we can build up a network of people who can help up and down our street.

Thank you , and please get in touch