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Sunday 20th February at 6pm Following on from Lindsey Huchrak’s last show which was a cracker: music from Avishai Cohen, the keyboard brilliance of Jeff Lorber, Bruce Barth and Dave Brubeck, a sultry reimagining of Bette Davis Eyes by Karen Souza, topped off with the Brecker Brothers, bass maestros Eberhard Weber and Victor Wooten and the cool vibes of Gary Burton

I hope you can join me.

Shared with DAB and Smart Speaker at 8pm

Marius Frank Lindsey Huchrak West Wilts Radio Radio Bath #Sundayjazz #jazzbytheriver #allthatjazz #thejazzspace

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Please please buy tracks where you can from artist’s sites, especially artists that are up-and-coming and not established… the reward for getting a single track streamed once on Spotify or Apple Music is around £0.003 at the moment!

Please do leave me a message, or a track suggestion- Always nice to tell a story: why do you like the track/artist so much? Did you see a memorable performance? I would love to hear about what you want to hear

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BROADCAST DATES (6pm on Sunday WestWilts Radio 8pm Radio Bath- repeat on the following Saturday 10pm Radio Bath)
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