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Achievement for All 3As


Achievement for All 3As

Achievement for All 3As is often described as the quiet revolution in school improvement. Led by Prof Sonia Blandford, and borne out of one of the most successful national strategies of the noughties, Achievement for All 3As is a social enterprise and educational charity 100% committed to improving outcomes the lowest performing quintile of young people in the education system, from 3 to 25 yrs old.

The focus on leadership development, building powerful relationships with parents and carers, improving teaching and learning and securing improvement in English, Maths, Attendance and Behaviours for Learning is now being applied in over 2,000 schools nationally, and the number continues to grow significantly.

SCiP5 has worked in partnership with Achievement for All 3As, and the Anti-Bullying Alliance, to design and implement a staff training and leadership development programme aimed at reducing the impact and incidence of bullying on learners with SEND. The aim is to train over 1,500 schools by March 2015.

Cover, Supply Recruitment in Bristol and South West

SCip5 Education and Media is delighted to have worked in partnership with New Directions in 2013 and 2014. New Directions are the largest independent recruitment and training company in Wales. They have built an eviable reputation for quality of service, in sourcing any school or college’s cover requirements (be that emergency, planned or long term), and leading training in areas ranging from First Aid to Autism Awareness. Their safeguarding and compliance procedures are gold standard; they also look to build a two-way relationship with client schools, and are keen to support their work, and their learning community (for example, by sponsoring sports team kits, etc.).

SCiP5 helped New Directions to grow partnerships with schools and colleges in the Bristol, Bath, South Gloucester and North Somerset. In doing so, we have built excellent contacts in over 200 schools.

First Education Alliance

SCiP5 works in close partnership with the First Education Alliance.

The First Education Alliance is a unique and innovative partnership which comprises a number of educational specialists with long-standing experience and knowledge.


With their mix of background and skills, sharing educational goals, and exercising concerted teamwork, they can bring together creativity, quality and accountability in the delivery of services. The key reward is a seamless approach in the delivery of education that plays a role in the local community; is inclusive and sustainable and recognises the balance between the learning environment and the actual management of the facility.

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The First Education Alliance provides access to a flexible pool of educational and professional experts to support you in a range of projects of all sizes nationally and internationally. We have already successfully supported a partnership of schools in Medway bid for the contract to open and run a free school in a deprived area of the city with significant capacity issues, and are advising a number of schools on free school and studio school bids throughout 2014.

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Creative Solutions

SCiP5 is always looking into the future of education, and believes the best way to prepare for tomorrow is to create it now.

SCiP5 is closely involved with a number of initiatives, individuals and companies that are gaining ground rapidly:




Follow the links to learn more.

International Best Practice

SCiP5’s links are not confined to this country, with contacts as far afield as Finland, other EU countries and Pacific Rim countries like China and Hong Kong, where educators are striving to create new curriculum models that address knowledge, skills and experiences in an integrated way.

IEA homepage

Partnerships and Networking

Linking with SCiP5 will introduce you to many principled and values-driven organisations, social enterprises and service providers, who passionately believe in high quality, high impact and cost effective business practice.

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