AFA Coaching Collective

We are a collective of individuals who, when working for the Achievement for All delivery team, have participated in (and contributed to) programmes and improvement work across nearly 5,000 education settings during the course of a decade.

We are keen that our collective knowledge and wisdom is not lost, and we continue to stand for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people in the education system, across all phases.

We have complementary and supplementary specialisms, geographic profiles and individual offers. Above all, we seek to grow coaching and leadership capacity in a setting.

Please get in touch if you would like to be contacted by one of our coaching and leadership development practitioners to support your learning journey.

Disclaimer: We recommend each other’s services, but we cannot endorse, nor be held accountable for, quality of delivery or performance. Any work that is commissioned is with individuals and not the collective. We are not liable for the performance of colleagues. We collectively promote our skills and expertise as a collective of like-minded school improvement partners.

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Anne HutchinsonCoaching and mentoring new and experienced Headteachers and Senior Leaders  – Delivering Leadership CPD  – Whole School Reviews  – Reviewing and advising underachieving teams  – Quality Assuring NQTs   – Narrowing the gapMainly Secondary but also primary if the right fitSouth/South-East of England (London, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire).
Bob BasleyCoach, trainer, quality assurance, resource development in:   Emotion Coaching (accredited) – Emotional Health and Wellbeing -Behaviour and attendance – Anti-bullying – Early Help Pupil Premium Provision – Family Engagement in learning and development – ICAMnet (Including Children Affected by Migration) National Facilitatorprimary, secondary, specialWest, South West, Midlands, South East of England and South Wales (but happy to travel further if overnight accommodation is accepted by schools
Carolyn Hall Primary, SecondaryNorthwest region including Cumbria, Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool and East Yorkshire.
Christine RogersEmotion Coaching (accredited) – Wellbeing for Children and Staff – Talk Boost Trainer School – Improvement work (former Maths Consultant and Improving Schools consultant with National Strategies) – Early Years SENDMy phase preference is KS1 but have worked with EYFS, KS1, KS2 Hartlepool, Scarborough, Coventry area, Manchester and Oldham
Cole AndrewEmotion Coaching (accredited)   – Teaching and leading SEND provision in specialist settings –   School Improvement Partner (Primary and Secondary)   – Leadership Coaching for positive mental health,uk  I work across all phases of education in relation to SEND, Primary Education is my background specialism.Northwest region including Cumbria, Cheshire, Manchester,  and East Yorkshire.    I do work with schools further afield remotely with some face to face visits; particularly independent SEND settings.  
Denise WilliamsSchool improvement and quality assurance work at all levels (support and challenge)   – Experienced Headteacher in challenging circumstances with track record for “closing the gap” –   Coaching to support improvement  – Instructional CoachingI am a skilled primary practitioner and qualified SENDCo with extensive experience of working as a headteacher and a director across schools.I am based in Kent with very good access to the M25 and would be prepared to travel to schools within reasonable access.
Hilary EvansInclusion and Special Educational Needs – Governance – School and College Leadership – Coaching/mentoring – Self-evaluation and Quality Assurance – National SEND Adviser – LA vulnerable learners’ strategy and staff developmentPrimary / Secondary / SpecialSouth-West / West / South Wales                 National and international
Jenny PalmerFormer Head Teacher – NPQH Coach – Facilitator National College For Leadership – School Leadership Improvement programmes – post-pandemic coaching and mentoring teachers and leadersAll Key StagesFace-to-face activity Hampshire and IoW
John CavillSchool Improvement and QA work (Ofsted Inspector)- generic and focussed  – Coaching and Leadership Development to support school improvement    My teaching background is secondary (11-18) but am also happy in primary as I was cross trained to undertake inspections from 3 to 18 years. I am very happy travelling across the country given the appropriate income to offset the travelling. I live in Cornwall but currently work in Kent, Berkshire, Portsmouth, Gloucester and Devon
John DrewEmotion Coaching (accredited training practitioner) in youth justice, workplace as well as primary secondary and specialist settings   – Facilitator with Anti-Bullying Alliance   – Working with Designated Teachers (Children in Care)  – Coaching and Mentoring  – Microsoft Innovative Educator ExpertPrimary, Secondary, Post 16 and PRULondon, Greater London, South East of England  (but happy to travel further if overnight accommodation is accepted by settings/organisations
Kate EvansCoaching and Mentoring – Teaching and Learning – Social and Emotional aspects of learning  
Lainy RussellTeaching, working with and parenting adolescents (why it’s different) – Behaviour management – Equality, diversity and inclusion – Leadership training and coaching from a human dynamic perspective  (communication, influencing skills and conflict) – Working with managers/leaders on demotivated or dysfunctional staff teams – Managing change – Training and presentation skillsPost 16/FE/Adult learning   Secondary schools wanting to look specifically at teenage/adolescent behaviour and managementOnsite: South East and London,  Wales may be possible in some areas   Online: nationwide
Lisa MorrisICAMnet (Including Children Affected by Migration) National Facilitator  – ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring Qualified, supporting new and experienced Senior and Middle Leaders, and Governors   – Wellbeing and resilience  – Support Staff development    Primary and Early YearsKent, Surrey, London  Sussex
Liz BanisterSchool improvement based on support (and challenge) for leaders at all levels (including governors) –   Improving outcomes for disadvantaged learners  –   Building capacity and successprimary, secondary, specialCentred in North Wiltshire
Louise McGintySchool improvement and leadership coach with specialism in SEND   – Coaching and Mentoring  – Closing the Gap   – Values Education  – Improving Behaviour   – Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert- 21c Digital Literacy SkillsPrimary/Secondary/Special including Early YearsSouth West ideally Glos/Wilts/Berks/Oxon/Worcs/Warks/Herefordshire
Marius FrankEmotion Coaching (accredited practitioner)   – School Improvement through wellbeing at the heart of learning and leadership  (Coaching and whole school INSET – Embedding a culture for inclusive leadership   Senior Leadership coaching and development –   Youth Justice specialist  – Curriculum design –   Bespoke CPD design and implementation (for schools, MATs, LAs, Virtual Schools, etc.) and SecondarySouth, South Wales, West, West Midlands, London
Matthew GlennExperienced school leader/mentor/coach, with a proven record of school improvement  – Skilled in School Improvement Planning, Self-evaluation  – Leadership coaching, developing teams, delivering leadership CPDPrimary and Secondary.London (Central).
Maureen HuntEarly years nationally recognised specialist – supporting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children through early years and early mainstream education – Early Careers NPQ CoachEarly Years and InfantsFace-to-face Cornwall and Southwest Online Nationwide
Özlem ImilA DISC accredited Executive Coach –   School improvement and closing the gap for vulnerable learners through coaching and training in the areas of leadership –   Effective parental engagement   Inclusive practice and well-being.Primary- in terms of mentoring.   Any school setting for coaching and training.London
Paddy McCafferyEmotion Coaching (accredited) -School Improvement through coaching – Support & development of Leadership across the school – Teaching and Learning & Quality Assurance –
TA training – Wellbeing & Resilience
Primary and Secondary Greater London, Hertfordshire, Essex
Rob ThompsonQualified advanced Analytic-Network Coach   – Training leaders to use coaching approaches with their staff, providing external supervision and networking to advance the coaching cause and to keep knowledge and skills up to speed in a rapidly growing field.  AnyNorth East, Northumberland, Yorkshire
Sue Garland GrimesExperienced school improvement consultant –   Working with a range of special, independent and primary schools as a school improvement partner. AnyYorkshire, East Lincs and Humber.

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