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Firstly, there is no cost associated with a good conversation! If we can assist with a referral or a link or a short piece of advice, we will.

The normal rate for INSET, School Visits or Lectures/Presentations is a fair and honest £360-600 per day + Expenses, dependent on the nature of the work.

On the music and media side, session work comes in at around £50 per hr.

These rates however are very flexible: if, for example, some of the support can be offered via email, Teams, Zoom, Google hangout or using other web-based media, the costs will be lower. So too would the costs of block booking contracts.

If  executive leadership support is requested, the rate may be higher.

Please ask…. please  haggle!

Who are SCiP5 Associate Members?

SCiP5 Associate Members are teachers, school leaders and consultants who have built up an enviable reputation for working succesfully within the education sector. No one becomes a SCiP5 member without an array of personal endorsements and a track record of highly satisfied clients! If a SCiP5 Associate Member gets a poor quality assurance rating from a client… they cease to be a SCiP5 Associate members.

We work interdependently, supporting each others’ portfolios, making mutual recommendations to existing clients as and when training needs arise. Our clients include Local Authorities, Charitable Trusts, MATs, individual schools and academies.

Every Associate webpage has a unique contact form.

Simply complete the form, and we will try to connect you within 12 hours.

How to join SCiP5

You might like our approach, our values and our principles.

You may think that you have something to offer, with our the growing network of practitioners and organisations.

We would like to hear from you.

If you are a consultant, please contact us. You will be asked for a list of clients you have worked with. If their endorsements are positive, we will include you on our database.

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