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Bath, Bradford-on-Avon, Box, Colerne, Corsham , Chippenham area

Are you beginner (any age, from 5 to 50+)?

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Do you want to “top up” your technique?

Would you like to learn a new style, like jazz, pop and rock?

Contact Marius Frank to talk about your requirements.bass

Marius is a multi-instrumentalist who has enjoyed a career spanning forty years of rock and pop, jazz and blues, folk and acoustic. He still plays regularly around Bath and Bristol with Cindy Stratton, his partner, and is regarded as one of the finest bass players in the area.

Marius has many years of experience in teaching (which included  Head of Music at Fairfield Grammar School in Bristol: he is currently Musical Director of Sassparella, a Bath-based all-female community choir), and can offer lessons that are carefully crafted to each individual’s needs:

  • basic technique, and all-round musicianship (including chord theory and composition)
  • guitar tuition (from the basics, to learning rock, blues, jazz, finger-picking, soloing, etc.)
  • piano/keyboards (from absolute beginners to developing basic jazz, rock and soloing skills)
  • electric bass (from the fundamentals of good bass playing to advanced techniques such as funk/slap and two-handed tapping)

CoolClips_arts0138Contact Marius using the form below, or phone 07803.136745  to talk about your personal requirements.



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