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School leadership is rewarding, stimulating and exhilarating.

It can also be intensely demanding, challenging… and lonely.

The bar rises on almost an annual basis. The performance criteria change. Schools that were once good with outstanding features are suddenly looking over their shoulders, hoping that they now will not be identified as “needing improvement”.

Sometimes all you need is a conversation with someone who has experienced the rollercoaster, someone who isn’t a formal School Improvement Partner or Academy Chain Executive, someone who will not record and interpret every twitch and blink you make.

At Achievement for All, I coordinated the development of Deep Leadership, written especially for the here and now, and the pressures that Covid-19 has added to Leaders everywhere. A pilot Programme run in Newham went really well, all participants (including me) getting a lot from the experience.

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Putting wellbeing at the heart of your organisation

This programme is specifically and exclusively written for leaders with strategic responsibilities.

Deputy Headteachers, Headteachers and Principals, MAT Executive Leaders, Trustees and Governors, Children’s Services Leaders and Managers will all find considerable benefit from participating in this programme. 

It is unique in that it explores the social and emotional aspects of leadership in extreme circumstances: supporting not only the growth of individual leaders in terms of personal resilience and stress-management, but also helping leaders to put wellbeing at the very heart of their teams, their organisations and their professional networks and communities. 

We are faced with the pressures and challenges of fully reopening our school communities in the knowledge that local lockdowns could be triggered at any moment, from a “bubble” of staff and students to a complete region. 

We will help you to put wellbeing at the heart of leadership. 

Download this information document to learn more

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