John Khan

John Khan

John is currently Lead Practitioner at Anti-Bullying Works and freelance consultant based in Brighton. John’s main areas of work are:

  • To provide strategic support to schools to ensure all forms of bullying behaviour are dealt with in line with OFSTED expectations.
  • To deliver a range of anti-bullying training to professionals to enable them to support children effected by bullying behaviour more effectively.
  • To offer a range of bespoke and interactive anti-bullying workshops for pupils on issues such as friendships, building emotional resilience and assertiveness skills, bullying, bystander behaviour and e-safety.

Previously, John worked as the South East Regional Coordinator for the Anti-Bullying Alliance and held senior research and development positions at Save the Children and the Council for Disabled Children. He holds a Masters degree in Human Rights from Sussex University and BA (Hons) in Social Sciences from Nottingham Trent University.


Notable Achievements

Gained national reputation for bringing together one of the largest local authority-led anti-bullying team in England (2004-2014).

Spearheaded the development of a range of nationally recognised curriculum resources and training materials to promote positive friendship skills, resilience and to address friendship problems (i.e. relational conflict) and bullying behaviour

Seconded by the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) as the South East Regional Coordinator to provide strategic support to 19 other local authorities around anti-bullying (2006/07)

Commissioned by the Anti-Bullying Alliance to write national curriculum resource for National Anti-Bullying 2013 on e-safety, cyberbullying, sexting and young people’s online digital reputation.

Recently elected onto the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s National Advisory Group (April 2015)

School Improvement/INSET Offer

  • Managing your online reputation as a teacher 
  • Dealing with girls’ friendship group and cliques  
  • Taking a strategic approach to anti-bullying  
  • Anti-Bullying Toolkit training for staff 
  • Managing friends, friendship problems and bullying behaviour 
  • Building resilience in children and young people affected by bullying behaviour  
  • Transition planning for vulnerable pupils  


“John has always provided an easily accessible and responsive service, using his wealth of knowledge and expertise to advice the school around complex cases of bullying and discrimination. The skills and expertise that John brings to his work has enabled us to enhanced the support we are able to offer our vulnerable students, ensuring we are meeting our statutory requirements and also supporting our school values.” Head of Pastoral Support – Bexhill High Academy, Bexhill.

“We accessed the services of John for over several years and as provided us with advice and reassurance at challenging times and helped us to respond to all aspects of bullying behaviour. Assemblies and workshops with children were active and fun; ingredients that are crucial to ensure that children listen and get the message. “ Head Teacher – Guestling Bradshaw Primary School, East Sussex

“We had fantastic feedback from the Parents’ Evening workshop run by John on e-safety. He gave practical advice and was able to discuss frankly with parents their worries and responsibilities around children using social media. John always works in a proactive and very practical way with children, giving them the confidence and skills to deal with many day-to-day issues by themselves. The children are not only happier, but more willing to discuss and sort out problems as they arise.” Head Teacher – Scared Heart Primary School, Hastings

“John is able to understand the politics of a school setting, whilst realising how vital it is to provide really practical and sensitive ways in which to support young people in an environment where the nature of bullying is constantly evolving.” Head of PSHE, Heathfield Community College, East Sussex.

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