Emotion Coaching for Youth Justice

“I have really enjoyed hearing about all of the experiences of staff allowing us to get to know more about each other, also being able to consider how this can be put into practice in our own lives along with professional lives. I also am really interested in all the brain development stuff” St Helens YOT ETE Worker

“It worked! It was the first order the young man completed!” Case Worker Westminster

“I really enjoy taking the time to reflect and hearing everyone’s personal experiences which I think brings the training to life.” Southwark Senior Leader

“It’s been a fantastic session, one of the best I’ve experienced in 20 odd years as a PC, lots of takeaways for work and home.  Now you need to work your way around the rest of the force, many of whom would benefit from this session.”  South Wales SCPO

Working with troubled teenagers is never easy. For many, their hypervigilance to threat, due to childhood trauma, makes them reactive and volatile, leading to uncontrolled emotions at the point of stress which can derail attempts to help them.

Emotion Coaching works, helping front line professionals to develop further their ability to empathise, attune, and seize the moment to… emotion coach!

This training programme is especially designed and formulated for Youth Justice Professionals, with materials and downloadable resources adapted to be age and context-specific.

Download the flyer to learn more about the Emotion Coaching offer.

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