Now parents are getting really concerned…

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I just thought I’d share some of the views that are being expressed out there by articulate and caring parents. Here is a snippet from some of the emails I am receiving:

“…When my son started in Year 12, A level exams were scheduled over three series, AS levels in Summer 2013, then A levels in January 2014 and Summer 2014. The school is now having to make rapid adjustments to accommodate the disappearance of the January 2014 series. My son would have done 5 exams in January 2014, now all those exams are being pushed into Summer 2014, in other words a modular course has been “skewered” into a linear assessment regime, whilst the curriculum delivery was planned as a two year modular course. This will bring additional pressure in terms of the sheer number of exams he will have to undertake in Summer 2014…”

These concerns are currently being raised by knowledgeable, well-intentioned and well-informed parents who can look ahead and anticipate the impact of change. It is only a question of time when this articulate caucus is joined by the majority, wondering what on earth is going on, as they reflect the concerns and worries of their sons and daughters.

Some young people in Year 9 and Year 10 are now feeling that they are now sitting exams discredited and abandoned by the Coalition… Year 11 pupils will once again get hit hard by comparable outcome adjustments, compromising the achievements of tens of thousands within the cohort… and many will be eligible to vote in 2015.

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  1. We are all waiting for the bar to be lifted even higher, especially for English. I have witnessed teachers unable to tell students how they think they will do because they have been given no guidance whatsoever.Roll on 2015 when those charged as ‘enemies of promise’ finally get to have their say.

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