Bacc to Bacc- looking at practitioner-led developments

The politicians have had their say: EBaccs, TechBacs, AdBaccs, Liberal Arts Baccs….. but the profession is fighting bacc!

I live for the day we have evidence-based policy making, and what better than to look at two Baccalaureate models emerging from the chalkface rather than the hustings.

Click here to access my introduction to the issues (on the Progressive Awards Alliance website)

Click here for a brief summary illustrating how close the two models are in terms of vision, design principles and practice.

Next week, I will highlight some of the differences, and suggest how they could be resolved.

Author: mariusfrank

I am.... a 21c learning leader, trainer, partnership broker I have been... CEO of a leading educational charity, a Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Head of Music, Head of Science, Lecturer, one-time leading world authority on deaf mice... I still am... a jazz / folk / world / rock musician

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