Bacc to Bacc- uniting two practitioner-led developments

Please click on the image below to link to my final post (for now) to inform discussion and debate on practitioner-led models for accrediting a whole education experience.

WE BACC composite

I would like to propose a way of uniting these emerging models under one developmental banner, each model learning from the other through pilot programmes, evaluation of learner outcomes and employer feedback.

After all, we are driving hard for evidence-led policy… so let’s supply the evidence!

If you are new to the debate:

Click here to access my previous introduction to the issues (on the Progressive Awards Alliance website)

Click here for a brief summary illustrating how close the two models are in terms of vision, design principles and practice.

Click here to see how the models differ. 

As ever, I welcome your thoughts, concerns and creative thinking. I see this as an iterative process, and the blog will be continually updated to reflect the issues raised.


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  1. This is excellent stuff Marius and obviously, either model is infinitely better than the narrow confines of the EBacc. I look forward to digesting this in the weeks ahead.

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