South Gloucestershire Primary HTs: a courageous curriculum for 21c learning

Following on from a short presentation I made to South Gloucestershire Primary Headteachers on Wednesday 7th May, I have been asked to put together a programme for a day of 21c curriculum exploration for senior leaders. Here are my thoughts.

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Courageous Curriculum Design for 21c Learning

The world of work is changing four times faster than schools. Our relentless pursuit of government accountability measures, whilst an undeniable necessity, may have unintended consequences. The workshop will explore these consequences, investigate the “drivers” that are changing the workplace at a relentless pace, and suggest ways in which schools can develop a curriculum that not only hits imposed targets for performance and narrowing the gap, but also sows the seeds of self-management, relational management, enquiry and creativity that will underpin success in adult life for every child.

Session 1: Global trends that are shaping the future of working life

We will look at some of the forces at work that are shaping the future of employment, and reflect on whether our curriculum experience is addressing the emerging trends and issues.

Session 2: Do we value what we measure… or do we measure what we value?

Current school performance measures only hold us accountable for part of a young person’s vital life toolkit. We explore the needless dichotomy that appears to exist between knowledge and skills, look at some of the approaches that have developed to complement the acquisition of knowledge, from Feuerstein to Claxton, from Wider Key Skills to PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills), from RSA Opening Minds to the Modern Baccalaureate (and a manifesto emerging from Headteachers’ Round Table). We will also draw from evidence emerging from the EEF (Education Endowment Fund) pupil premium research into the effectiveness of current interventions.

We will also investigate a model that gives teachers, learners and employers a 21c framework to facilitate and express the growth of skills for learning, skills for work and skills for life.

Session 3: Principles that will underpin the development of a local, forward-looking 21c curriculum for South Gloucestershire children

In the final session, school leaders can reflect on learning from the day, and begin to formulate and agree a set of guiding principals that could shape curriculum development and collaboration.

These are some early first thoughts. I would value your input, Please leave any comments below.

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