An amazing professional development opportunity for Greater London Secondary Teachers: ICT, RE/Citizenship, Physics

Achievement for All have an exciting opportunity for London-based teachers to join the second year of the University Learning in Schools (ULiS) project this term and work with researchers from Cambridge University, Cranfield University and UCL to create exciting KS3 modules in:

  • ICT
  • RE/citizenship
  • Physics

It’s a great CPD opportunity for teachers to improve their subject knowledge and create an innovative new modules. We had very positive feedback from the teachers who took part last year.

The project will provide funding to cover the training day with the teachers/researchers, module development, module testing, module review and dissemination activity. We anticipate that the project will require two days off-site (training and dissemination day).

We have a training day to match teacher/researcher pairs in central London on December 4th and need to confirm numbers by lunchtime on November 24th

For further information, please contact Lisa Knowles on or call 07551237261.

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