Please support the rebirth of performing arts

On Sunday 6th June, my wife and music-making partner Cindy and I have our first concert for nearly eighteen months.

The impact of Covid-19 lockdown on performance artists has been profound. Whereas some in the arts might have benefited from a degree of furlough payments, many have struggled to cope, financially and emotionally.

As the world awakens again, please support the performance arts to reawaken too. Take the time to scan small local venue listings for their upcoming offers; commit to buying tickets in advance; go down to your local and support live music-making again.

Music can make you happy… that goes for the performer too! Thank you!

Author: mariusfrank

I am.... a 21c learning leader, trainer, partnership broker I have been... CEO of a leading educational charity, a Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Head of Music, Head of Science, Lecturer, one-time leading world authority on deaf mice... I still am... a jazz / folk / world / rock musician

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