Bye bye Achievement for All – it’s been a wonderful eight years…

It is with great sadness that I move on from Achievement for All today.

The pandemic has put intolerable strain on charities such as AfA that reply totally on their services being bought, commissioned or supported through charitable grants and giving… in the case of AFA, the income was weighted heavily on engaging with schools. With little tangible engagement with schools through 2020 and into 2021 because of lockdown, and the Covid imperatives, it apparently came down to a simple cashflow decision.

The saddest aspect of this failure is that business was picking up rapidly… schools realising that what we had to offer was something special, something that would play a major role in reigniting learning and learning relationships post-pandemic.

So, bye bye Achievement for All. To the colleagues and friends I made… you are a truly awesome group of individuals: child-centred to a “T”, helping settings to engage and re-engage with the hardest to reach children and families. Many consultants and “experts” shy away from this education battleground: you collectively shout “BRING – IT -ON!”

I intend to use my acquired knowledge experience and skills through so please do get it touch if you think I could be of service… and if I cannot, I now have a contact book of consumate professionals who undoubtedly can,


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I am.... a 21c learning leader, trainer, partnership broker I have been... CEO of a leading educational charity, a Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Head of Music, Head of Science, Lecturer, one-time leading world authority on deaf mice... I still am... a jazz / folk / world / rock musician

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